Thursday, June 16, 2011

Helicopter Ride To The Unknown

Helicopter Ride To The Unknown

My mind rode in a helicopter
And it took me
To the unknown

I thought of you
Along the way
Because I guess
This ride
Was about you
And the future that
Lays ahead

The ride took me
Through past and present
And into the future
Because I was worried
About you

But I woke up
The next morning
I couldn’t remember anything
I felt strange
Different from
The night before
I was older
I had grown up
But overnight?

Shocked I went
Into a room
I was unfamiliar with
And saw a beautiful girl
Lying next to
Where I looked
Like I slept
There was a ring on her finger
I was speechless

I peaked at her face
It looked familiar
But older
Like mine
Then I remembered

Who it looked like
It was you
It was you all along

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