Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Standing On The Edge Of Summer

Standing on the Edge of Summer

I’m standing on the edge of summer
And it’s only two in the morning over here
I’m doing a better job forgetting you than sleeping alone
And you’re far away from me

It still feels like it’s yesterday
As I take a deep breath
And the night becomes morning
Still just as tired as the night before
Maybe if not more

They say there’s a lot to live for
And I still have a lot left to do
It’s a lot to think about sometimes
And probably why I don’t sleep
My black book keeps my thoughts organized though

Another day passes
And another summer has come and gone
I’m a lot older now
With my thoughts and ideas neatly organized
And maybe there’s someone next to me
But every time I look to see her face
I wake up.

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